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Bible: 1 Peter 3:8-12

All of you, like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble (v.8)


Apparently someone once developed an app to change the wallpaper colour of your phone or tablet based on how you are feeling.

The idea was that your phone could 'read' your face (whether you are smiling or frowning, the angle of your eyerows, the

creases on your forehead, etc) and then reflect your mood with different colours.  Im not sure how good the actual app ended up being !

The point is that our mood shows. And it can affect people around us - our family, friends, classmates, and even our teachers.

Our life has an effect on people, whether for good or bad, and whether we want it or not.  Each person is responsible on how they

react to us, of course.  But we also have to step up to the fact that our moods and behaviours affect others. So we need to be careful how.

Living like this is hard when we are in a mood or feel fed up.   So we have to rely on the Holy Spirit to keep

us caring and thoughtful towards others - even when we can't be bothered.  We can have a positive effect on everyone we meet,

even if all we do is smile and listen.  Lets give our world some bright colours today !  THINK IT OVER.....

Do you pay attention to the effect your life has on those around you?  Do you believe anyone pays attention to how you act

or talk?  Why?  How would your behaviour change if you always lived like you were on display? 


 From :  Our Daily Bread Teen edition Vol4






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                      SUNDAY 26th June 2022      




 SUNDAY 26th June 2022




Catholics find that meaning and hope in Jesus Christ,

whom God the Father has sent into the world for the salvation of all peoples.




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